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  • 6 Easy Ways to Increase Your Consignor Earnings!
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    6 Easy Ways to Increase Your Consignor Earnings!

    How to make money as a consignor:

    1. Suggest our store to your friends! When we sell items, you make money! And the more consignors we have, the more selection there is, and people will want to come back again and again!
    2. Inspect your items before you bring them in. Do they need to be washed? Yes! Items like robes, shoes, outerwear and costumes are especially easy to forget to wash one last time. Is it wrinkled? Iron it! Is there a small stain? Take out your bleach pen or do an oxiclean soak! Taking the extra time helps ensure we accept your item and sell it. The nicer your items are, the more money you will make!
    3. Only bring current styles.
    4. Items that always sell well are clothing size 5-10 in current styles, pack n plays, exersaucers, and large Little Tykes-type toys. And you make more money on the bigger ticket items! But not if they are dirty...
    5. Keep coordinating outfits together. These items sell better than separates.
    6. Pick up items to consign at garage sales and clearance sales. A bargain is a bargain and this is a great way to make some extra money.
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  • Used / Handmade Christmas
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    Used/Handmade Christmas:

    I’ve decided to do used or handmade gifts only this holiday. Why? Because my kids, and the nieces and nephews I shop for, have more than they could ever want. Do they need new? No. And all of the new toys created every year contribute to the greedy message of the holidays, not to mention that they require a lot of resources to make and ship, and due to the fact that they are cheaply mass-produced, they eventually end up in a landfill. Michelle, a longtime customer and friend, first mentioned the idea of a handmade/used Christmas as this is what they are doing at her house. Like Michelle, I have 4 kids and work full-time, making this a thoughtful endeavor. It’s easy to run out and purchase the latest want at Walmart, but it takes a little more planning to find something used or make a special handmade gift. I’m not crafty. Not even a little. Yet while looking for a used balance bike for Molly, I came across a blog post in which the writer made their child a balance bike from a regular bike. I can do that! We saved Maddie’s first bike, which will be perfect to transform into a balance bike. Melissa (the creative mind behind Barabows) is making some crayon wallets, which will be perfect for carrides and Mass, and should go nicely in Molly’s stocking. As for Marigold, I’m cheating a little since I have a moses basket for a doll that I purchased a few years back when working for American Girl, and have been saving since. I haven’t thought of anything for her stocking yet, and I better start thinking as we celebrate the Feast of St. Nicholas on Dec 6. I’ll be on the lookout at Spin Shack for a One Direction CD for Melea, and Maddie wants art supplies, which I will look for on Craigslist. I still need to come up with their stocking stuffers- maybe some bows from Melissa, or handmade jewelry from a local craft fair I’m looking forward to attending in November.

    Anyone want to take the challenge to purchase used or make one gift this year?
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